ABOUT Investams


InvestAms , established in 2014, is proof that a young company with ambition, resources and a bold, can-do attitude can make waves in the tough London residential property market.

Under the dynamic leadership of Director Amit Malhotra, InvestAms has developed an approach that has set the company on a trajectory of success. It is based on astute site acquisition, collaborative strategic partnerships and state-of-the-art design and build. Customer service takes priority and is of the highest calibre. Underpinning everything InvestAms follow ‘old school principles’, with exacting disciplines and the most stringent standards.


The company name was inspired by famous words Ambition, Motiviation & Success (INVEST-AMS) who focus is exclusive Locations of London. The company has identified prime sites suitable for developments of 5 to 50 homes, in locations across the capital. The properties range from exceptionally well finished starter homes, to cool city apartments, high end luxury residences and historic refurbishments. Every scheme is bespoke, meticulously designed and specified, always with an eye on energy efficiency and sustainability. These are the homes London needs and Londoners demand, and which enhance the areas of the city in which they are located.


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